About us

Warm, dry socks and feet are what most of the rough sleepers we spoke to said they crave, after a winter’s night on the streets and a damp day trying to dry off.

The Homelessness Project “Dry Socks” is a social enterprise harnessing the cash and expertise of private property investors and working in partnership with housing charities and organisations to provide urgent homes for rough sleepers, the homeless and most vulnerable in London and Birmingham.

Founders Roland Caine and Richard Stone are successful property investors and members of larger communities of private property investors (Property Investors’ Network, Progressive Property, Kevin Green Wealth, Paul Ribbons Elite coaching, Glenn Armstrong’s Mastermind community et. al), many of whom want to make a difference as well as a profit.

There is a growing awareness amongst our investor community of the urgent and growing need to house rough sleepers and the most vulnerable citizens in our communities, and a growing refusal to accept that the wet sleeping bags we walk past every day are a problem we are powerless to do anything about. Extending the skills and connections we have developed into this sector was a pretty obvious step.

This partnership between private investors and homelessness charities/service providers, offers an additional channel through which properties can be acquired quickly, and, without additional funding, significantly increase the stock of rooms available and provide the short term security and stability most rough sleepers/ homeless need to get back on their feet. We aim to provide decent shared housing at lower rents than those being charged by B&Bs, guesthouses and the less scrupulous Intensive Housing Management landlords.