About us

Warm, dry socks and feet are what most of the rough sleepers we spoke to said they crave, after a winter’s night on the streets and a damp day trying to dry off.

Roland Caine, Richard and Yuliya Stone are property investors working from London.

En route to meet an investor last winter, Roland was forced to step into a busy road to avoid a soaking wet, blue sleeping bag lying 45 degrees across the pavement. He found himself tutting with minor irritation until about 10 paces up the road, he realised with a shock what he was thinking and thought “When did I become  so desensitised or resigned to the plight of rough sleepers in London that they became a minor irritation and inconvenience to be stepped over or skirted around?” Relating this realisation to the investor he was meeting, Roland was surprised by his reaction that he too, had had exactly the same experience and “wouldn’t it be great if there was something we could do”.

We are investors and know how to source below market properties. We know how to convert these to profitable mutilet houses to produce decent and steady returns for our investor. We have the contacts among the charities and services providers who are keen manage the tenants. Many of the investors currently partnering with us to buy and convert professional house-shares want to make a difference and are happy to devote a portion of their portfolio to housing the homeless. Extending the skills and connections into this sector was pretty a obvious step.